April 15, 2018

Jose Vital - Raf and Liane

Some months ago (last October) I did a post about this photographer, that I supposed to be French but maybe he's from Portugal, no matter anyway. Among his prolific work (with a reduced selection in the above post), most of it with Raf as the model, he provided this unusual series shot with an elderly, maybe his or Raf's mum, maybe not, I didn't find any caption or statement about this series. I really find it fascinating, moving and semantically rich. On the status of the body first (interestingly the naked model, Raf, is not a barbie-like girl or a truck-driver cabin pin-up like neither, but an androgyn woman in her forties) but also on the confrontation of two totally opposed world unlikely meeting by the mediation of a photo-shooting. Note that actually, it's the naked model's world who makes an intrusion in the elderly one, giving the scene a provocative dimension. Note too that the two women do not seem to share anything, like if they were stucked in their closed attitude, Raf being a little bit more in interrelation than Liane. A strong series for sure. The complete series can be seen on Raf's blog here. Jose Vital's site there

April 7, 2018

Féebrile - Various works

Third post about this great French photographer I had the chance to meet recently and who is as nice to talk with than she is talented. The last post about her work was 3 years ago and it's time to make a little booster as we have to do for vaccination. Her imaginary world is full of fear, sensuality, mystery and fantasy, and she would have been perfect as a decorator and director of photography for  Murnau or Lang in their expressionist period. Here I did a selection from various series ("Self-portraits", "Distorsion, "Les petites", "Printemps noir") but I think they work well together. You can see the variety of her styles and maybe, who knows, buy one of pic here. Her site there and her deviantArt gallery here

March 27, 2018

Matt Offield - Porcelain

Matt Offield can be considered to belong to the explicit erotic school, meaning that it's harder than vanilla but not porn. It's crude and manages to make of natural and even trivial posture of female models sources of visual excitation. It's a really welcome tendancy after too much decades of fake images full of sophistication and irreality. Nothing more erotic than women assuming what they are in their everyday life tasks. Notably in bathroom and toilets, the places this series deals with. Called "Porcelain", the photographer (no bio details about him) states that it's about "Bathrooms, watersports, toilets (human and otherwise), thingies…". Not much explanation but who needs it? There's not hidden messages here, only the scoptophilian pleasure and it's enough to deserve a post on this eponymous blog. A site about him here

March 12, 2018

Melanie King - Model and photographer

Melanie King is an American model (shooting notably for Eric Kroll and Georges Pitts, who died 1 year ago and about whom we had made no less than 6 posts on this blog (here)) and photographer, usually working in black and white and who likes to take pictures with the photographers she works with (you will recognize the two above names on the selection of images I've done). Her iconography is very interesting because her erotic postures are strangely contradicted by a sort of the mechanical attitude she adopts and a serious and even severe face expression. No sensuality here, no attempt to create a feigned sexy climax. The nudity is desincarnated. Note that she also takes pictures of unknown people or other artists, providing a collection of contemporary US lives. You can see more from her here